Are your circumstances and needs typical and routine?

We don’t think so either.  No engagement is typical for us.



CxO Services– fractional and transitional services

  • Fractional CxO services to augment leadership teams, principals, and investors during times of growth, increased management demands, unexpected challenges. Augmentation
  • Transitional CxO services through times of leadership disruption or transition. Both team and task oriented. Interim basis
  • Strategy, operations management, finance. Building for a culture of collaboration and accountability
  • From “Blocking and Tackling” through more nuanced requirements

Strategic project development and implementation

  • Planning and execution assist to get you from here to there in the smoothest, most effective and efficient way
  • Deep research and validation of opportunities and project needs
  • Enhanced, thorough vetting of the financial, operational, and logistical requirements and demands of your project. Research. Understand, plan and design, execute through full implementation
  • Distill complex situations and considerations to manageable levels. Strategic planning, financial modeling and business plans.
  • Capital planning and budgeting process, capital needs assessment and timing

Corporate and Investor Communications: Find and Keep the Right Investors and Prospects. It’s more than just a pitch.

  • Finding and connecting to the right investors and stakeholders
  • Effective and efficient communications allows you to identify the right parties for now and for the future
  • Know your audience and let your audience know you.
  • Right information, to the right audience, in the right format. Purposeful and on-target messaging. Appropriate transparency
  • Enhance the current audience’s understanding and develop deeper future investor interest
  • Funds sourcing and search fund assist
  • You’re asking for real money from real people: This isn’t the Dragon’s Den.