Q:  What stage and what size company do you work with?  A:  There is no single stage or size, but typically we seek engagements with both pre- and post- revenue companies who do not yet have a full C-suite.


Q:  Who do you work with?  A:  We work with and for founders, principals, investors, investor groups (private equity and angel groups), and families.


Q:  You’re in Birmingham?  I’m not.  A:  If Verso is the right solution for you, we will be where you need us.  Some teams successfully work only in the virtual networked world, while others work in one physical location.  Ideally we seek some balanced combination of the two, so the location of your office is less critical.


Q:  What’s a CxO?  A:  In today’s world, and in start-ups and small businesses, we often wear multiple hats.  The lines between the disciplines of finance, strategy, operations, et cetera, become blurred, as they should.  The term CxO is simply recognition that in order to service the interests of growing business you must bring a broad range of skills and abilities to the table.  When specific skills, backgrounds or knowledge are required but doesn’t exist internally, or are drawn thin